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The buttoned Formal Linen Shirt is a versatile long-sleeved shirt style. Wear it as is with the normal full-length sleeves and buttoned-down cuffs or roll the sleeves and button it down with the tab closure for a more stylish look.[read more]

‘non-european® is an Authentic African brand, loyal to the unique natural quality, simplicity and elegance of our continent and its people.’

‘We believe in making a difference to the continent and its people through job creation.’

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The FORMAL LINEN SHIRT is a Classic non-european® shirt style – Designed & hand crafted in Cape Town SA!

The designers’ attention to detail is noted in the meticulous design, fine craftsmanship and premium trimmings displayed in this unisex shirt.

‘With such great Natural Quality, Classic Style and Timeless Design you can rest assured, this shirt will last for seasons to come.’


How-To Complete your look: [read more]

‘Style it with our 100% natural shorts or skinnies and complete your look with a signature non-european® genuine leather belt/ saddle bag / festival pouch and matching non-european® genuine leather sandals – as seen on the accessory page of our website.’


Textile: [read more]

60% Modal 40% Linen

Durability, comfort & breathability is top priority for non-european® designers, Louis & Tarien Erasmus who prefer to use only the highest quality, natural fabrics for their menswear collection.

‘We hand-picked this Modal Linen fabric specifically for this shirt because Modal has a very soft, smooth, and silky feel which makes it mild and gentle on the skin and easy to wear– definitely a great choice for people who want comfort and style at the same time.


What is Modal? [read more]

Modal is a semi-synthetic fabric crafted from beech tree pulp that is usually combined with other fibers to produce a soft, breathable and durable material. Beech trees are regenerative plants making this fabric eco-friendly.

We regard Modal as the best quality fabric because… [read more]

‘Modal is not only soft, breathable and durable; it is resistant to pilling and has a smooth finish with a beautiful drape which is highly desirable!


What is Linen? [read more]

Linen is a Natural, cellulosic fiber made from the stem of the flax plant, one of the oldest plants and oldest textiles in human history.

‘We regard Linen as the best quality fabric because the stiffer yarn with natural slubs produces a unique, rich texture which adds dimension to any outfit. The fabric itself is also more lustrous (brighter & slightly silky) and dyes very well.’


  • Linen is highly absorbent and dries quickly wicking moisture away from your skin – offering exceptional breathability.
  • Constructed out of hollow fibers, linen acts as a natural insulator – keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter.
  • The strong flax fibers also make it extremely durable and more winter ready.
  • Linen softens the more it is used and washed and can last decades when cared for correctly.


How to care for my Modal Linen garment? [read more]

Most Modal Linen products are machine washable at no more than 20 °C using mild detergents only. Modal Linen is so quick to dry there’s usually no need to tumble dry. We recommend hanging the product straight from the machine, stretching it back into position and leaving it to finish. No need for ironing as creases and wrinkles is a part of the character of Modal Linen.’


Does Modal Linen shrink?  [read more]

‘Just like silk, Modal doesn’t crease or shrink easily. As such, you can easily toss it into the washing machine without worrying about ruining the fabric.

‘Linen is a natural fabric and tends to shrink – you should expect your linen garment to shrink 1-3% after the first wash.’


Why is Modal Linen clothing more expensive? [read more]

‘Breathable and absorbent Modal fibers are quite similar to Rayon, another plant-based textile material however, it goes through an additional process that makes it slightly more durable than traditional Rayon. As such, it is more expensive than other fabrics, such as Viscose and Cotton, and is mainly found in high-end clothing apparel or outfits.’

‘Linen is expensive because harvesting linen and turning it into fiber is a much longer and more difficult process than with other fabrics. Unlike other plants, the flax plant cannot be mowed, but must be pulled up by the roots. Furthermore, the inelasticity of the strong flax fibre causes it to break easily in the production process pushing production costs up.’


Additional information

Weight500 g
Dimensions40 × 30 × 4 cm

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