Mandarin Shirt ~ Grey Stripe


Key features: 100% COTTON Natural & Durable

Durability, comfort & breathability is top priority for non-european® designers, Louis & Tarien Erasmus who… [read more]

prefer to use only the highest quality, natural fabrics for their menswear collection.

100% COTTON is a Natural, cellulosic fibre made from the cotton boll (the round, fluffy clumps) which grows on a cotton plant. These are the most significant properties of 100% Cotton:

1 Absorbs water and “breathes”

2 Slow to dry

3 Resists static electricity build-up.

4 Wrinkles easily.

5 Can withstand heat, detergents, and bleach

6 Durable, and unique in the fact it can actually improve with time

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‘non-european® is an Authentic African brand, loyal to the unique natural quality, simplicity, and elegance of our continent and its people.’

‘We believe in making a difference to the continent and its people through job creation.’



Designed & hand made in Cape Town SA. The MANDARIN is an authentic non-european® short sleeved shirt style with placket feature. The designers’ attention to detail is noted in the meticulous design… [read more]

fine craftmanship and premium trimmings displayed in this unisex shirt.

‘With such great Quality, Classic Style and Timeless Design you can rest assured, this shirt will last for seasons to come.’

Textile: 100% Cotton

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