Male Slac Short ~ Dark


Key features: PURE COTTON

Durability, comfort & breathability is top priority for non-european® designers, Louis & Tarien Erasmus who…

select only the highest quality, natural fabrics to dye up their unique signature shades inspired by their South-African Heritage.

‘We use only the highest quality natural fabrics sourced locally. We draw inspiration from the elegant simplicity of the African continent and its people & use colours that reflect the landscapes of South Africa.’

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Designing with sustainability as a guiding philosophy is inseparable from their work.

‘We believe in making a difference to the continent and its people through job creation.’



Designed & hand made in Cape Town SA. non-european®’s relaxed MALE SLAC gives you the opportunity to be comfortable without compromising on style and sophistication.

This medium length short has and elasticated waist and drawstring closure with in seam and back pockets and features a premium genuine leather trim.

Textile: 100% Cotton

Finish: Dyed locally in our signature non-european® shade

What are the properties of 100% Cotton? [read more]

100% COTTON is a Natural, cellulosic fibre made from the cotton boll (the round, fluffy clumps) which grows on a cotton plant. These are the most significant properties of 100% Cotton:

1 Absorbs water and “breathes”

2 Slow to dry

3 Resists static electricity build-up.

4 Wrinkles easily.

5 Can withstand heat, detergents, and bleach

6 Durable, and unique in the fact it can actually improve with time

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