Classic Cardy ~ Natural


Key features: MOHAIR-LOOK

It boasts a meticulously crafted flattering silhouette and is made from a good quality knitted mohair-look fabric.

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non-european® is an Authentic African brand, loyal to the unique natural quality, simplicity, and elegance of The South African continent and its people.

Designers Louis & Tarien Erasmus use their creative skill to positively impact their continent, its people and economy through job creation.

‘Our small in-house production team takes pride in their work – all the names of the people who have held your garment is printed on the garment label inside your product.’



Designed & hand made in Cape Town SA. The non-european® CLASSIC CARDY was made to resemble the look of its male counterpart while fitting the female form better.

This style is another comfortable stylish non-european® classic – easy to wear as a lone standing garment or for extra warmth under your non-european® jacket / coat.

Textile: 50% Rayon 45% Poly 5% Spandex



Why Rayon?[read more]

‘We love Rayon because it conveys luxury. We often choose to work with Rayon because it has a nice drape, a lustrous finish, and a soft feel that is easy to dye. Unlike polyester, Rayon is highly absorbent & highly breathable – ideal for high-quality jerseys where breathability is essential for ease.

How to care for my Rayon garment? [read more]

‘Wash your Rayon knitwear with care. We recommend a gentle low temperature washing cycle with mild detergents. Do not tumble dry Rayon – rather hanging it out to dry.’

Why is our Rayon knitwear expensive? [read more]

 ‘Rayon blend knits are highly sought after because of the properties listed above. We import these exquisite knits which adds a great deal to the cost’

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